Cosmetic Restorations

For many dental patients, the condition of your teeth can significantly influence how confidently you smile. Having a dental professional clean up any unsightly imperfections can boost your self-esteem, while also improving the health and function of your teeth.

At Affordable Dental, we provide quality cosmetic restorations in Van Nuys for patients wanting to enhance the aesthetics of their teeth. If your confidence has wavered because of imperfections and you need a dentist committed to delivering a smile you can be proud of, give our office a call today!

Deciding on Your Treatment

The dentists and dedicated staff at our Van Nuys practice ensure you clearly understand all your cosmetic treatment options. After working together to determine your goals, we customize a treatment plan that improves your appearance without sacrificing quality and affordability. Our office wants to make sure you are fully satisfied with your treatment, so we are mindful of your health and comfort throughout the process.

The next step involves taking digital x-rays to assess the current condition of your smile. We then create a digital mock-up that provides an idea of what the results will look like once complete. These diagnostics are then sent to a trusted local lab where they manufacture your restoration using quality materials.

Types of Restorations

Whether you have uneven spacing, missing teeth, or minor cracks and chips, there are many ways to make cosmetic improvements to your smile. For minor imperfections, we can place an inlay or onlay to add uniformity to your smile. This conservative approach offers the fit and stability required for proper function, and the porcelain maintains a natural aesthetic for years.

Cosmetic treatments are mostly elective, but many necessary restorative procedures provide aesthetic improvement, as well. The composite resin material we use for fillings blends in with the natural shade of your teeth, while also being biocompatible. After root canal therapy, we partner with a local lab to manufacture a porcelain crown that provides both durability and beauty.

For those missing one or more teeth, we offer implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures as attractive options for improving oral health.

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We love the chance to explore the artistic side of dentistry by providing beautiful cosmetic enhancements to patients. If you are interested in making life-changing improvements to your teeth with cosmetic restorations in Van Nuys, call Affordable Dental and set up an appointment today!


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